Hi and thanks for visiting. I am an hobbyist photographer, who’s partially sighted and registered as blind, I have a condition called Leber’s Optic Atrophy. This is not everything about me but it has shaped everything I am. I enjoy exploring the world using pictures, I use photography to help me see, my eyesight is graded as seeing hand movements only. So now in a digital world I use camera’s as my eye’s.

I take hundreds of images which I simply throw away as I only use them to see a particular moment in time. For instance photographing a street sign to see where I am, or shooting a train arrival screen to know what platform my train is on or when its due. I often see blurred shapes and want to know what they are so I take a picture and use the resulting image to understand my surroundings.

As I go through life now and again I’m lucky and take a good shot, which I’ll show to you on this site. Your seeing what I see.

Oh, and why Swirly Magnolia? Because its and anagram of my name, which I’ve always regarded as not capturing my personality. Swirly Magnolia does that.

Contact e-mail. swirlymagnolia@gmail.com

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