Practice in Whitby


I’ve seen and heard lots about Whitby Goth Weekend being good for people photography. So this being an area of photography I felt I really need some practiCe in I planned to go along.

I really wast disappointed, threes so many people around wanting their photos taken in their fantastic contuses and clothing. I watched other photographers at work to get some hints and tips on how best to approach people as this is an area i struggle in, mainly due to my eyesight. its hard to get the eye contact if one of you cant see!

At first it was easier to be part of the masses and shoot in the voyeuristic fashion every one else seemed to be doing. but this wast really for me. To be honest i was horrified with how some of the photographers behaved, some were arrogant, rude, pushy, and impatient.

i tried a little bit of shooting on my own, which worked somewhat. But I still wasn’t confident enough. So next I tried teaming up with another photographer, one who’s morals more matched my own, and it clicked. It was amazing how easy it felt to get people to join in on my vision for a shot posing how I wanted them and standing where I wanted them.

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