Welcome, I am a hobbyist photographer in the UK. I’m partially sighted but registered blind, condition called LHON. My eyesight is not everything about me but it has shaped everything I am. I use photography to help me see the world, in a digital era my camera has become my eyes.

Most of my pictures I throw away as I only use them to see particular moment in time. For instance photographing street signs to see where I am, or a train arrival screen to find where my train is. My world consists of blurred shapes which I photograph to help me understand.

As I go through life, I get lucky and take a good shot, which I’ll show to you on this site.

Why Swirly Magnolia? Because its and anagram of my name, which I’ve always regarded as not capturing my personality. Swirly Magnolia does. Contact e-mail. swirlymagnolia@gmail.com