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A little about me..

The Birds

I like exploring the world using photography. But what I kind of mean by this is I use photography to help me to see, I am registered as blind, my eyesight is graded as HM (seeing hand movements only).

I take hundreds of images which i simply throw away as i’m only using them to see that particular moment in time. For example i point my camera at a street sign to see where I am I zoom in on the image to read the sign and then delete. I’ll want to know what platform my train is on or when its due, so again I’ll shoot the display screen, see the information then delete. I’ll often see a blurred shape and want to know what it is to I photograph it and then often delete the image.

As I go through life now and again I get lucky and take an okay shot, which I don’t delete.

All images are available for purchase please ask if interested.

NOTE:  R.E. Fantasy / Horror  page the content not be suitable for work viewing. Content is of a fantasy nature and created with stories, fun or fears in mind please have an open mind when viewing.

Contact e-mail. gary72@btinternet.com