‘Trapped’ A studio theme.


This shoot was about trying out a dark sci-fi / horror feel. There could be a reasonable story in here somewhere for a photograph……         See the pages panel for more images >

Whitby Steampunk Weekend



Every time i visit Whitby i meet some great people and this time was no different. im still practicing at shooting people in the streets but i believe im getting better every time. this time i was so much more confident in asking people to pose, i fiddled with my camera less and i was organised in my  composition. im finding i enjoy shooting people.

Appleby Horse Fair


This was my second time at Appleby Horse Fair, a magnificent cultural and historical event. I think the chances of me getting a good photograph are slim to zero on my first visit or experience of an event, you don’t know the lay of the land, how people will react to you, what happens where and when. It was no different coming here, the images from my first visit were generally poor.

Since then not only do I know my way around and know what I can get away with, my skills have increased. Through practice, failure and success I feel more confident talking to people, with my camera and with assessing how to get the shot i want.

Life From 200 Feet


I was in Edinburgh recently and took a trip up the Scott Monument which lies on Princess St. There are four platforms to visit each via a narrow spiral stair case that seems to go on for ever. As each platform gets narrower so does each stair case, until towards to top it is near impossible to pass others.

This set of  images were taken mostly on the top floor looking down onto the street and gardens below. I find most fascinating the shadows the people make and how these shadows tell a story of their own.. Some describe the person others make it seem as the individual is being perused.

Most of the images have been composed to give a sense of drama or unease partly to reflect the unease I felt loping down to capture the photo. Use of monochrome brought out more texture and detail in the surface and improved the impact of the shadows.