Dawn Reveals Snow


Clitheroe Castle snow snowfall dawn Pendle Hill Ribble valley golden winter covered town old Lancashire EnglandThroughout the night the snow fell. So early I rose while the world was at peace and caught this wonderful dawn over the beautiful town of Clitheroe.

Summer Sunset


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A gorgeous summer sunset over Clitheroe. Shot from the castle wall. I’m always surprised how many locals are up here in the evening. I can’t believe they used to lock the castle grounds at sunset, this is what we were missing.


Water Logged Wellies

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Another long exposure image, this time Cromwell’s Bridge near Clitheroe. The water poured over my wellies as I stood still in the middle of the river so as not to introduce camera shake on my 98 seconds exposure. The river constantly flowed around my tripod legs so I was amazed to get such a sharp result.  The sky was drab but the reflections and the glass like water are beautiful isolating the rock and making it look super sharp.

Believe it or not it is possible to walk across the bridge. I didn’t dare.Cromwells Bridge