Windermere From Loughrigg Fell


loughrigg fell windermere lake district panorama large format mountains black crag fells lakes england english water frost snow

This is an hand held panorama made up from seven separate photographs making a print size of 52 x 19 inch. It is the view from Loughrigg Fell south towards Windermere and beyond.

I just kept my eyes on the path as we walked up the steep icy path. Looking down the slope at a blurry nothingness make me to nervy and as soon as I take my gaze of where my next footstep should be I always end up slipping.

Coming down was horrendous. I struggle to see my fingers at arms length so seeing where I’m placing my feet safely is impossible. With every step I expected to fly down  the fell. I’m lucky though to have taken with me a tiny guide, my wife, who resembled a mountain goat and kept me safe and well.

I was a bag of nerves at times but it was worth it, if you don’t do these things you don’t get the pictures.

Swirly Magnolia

Summer Sunset


sunset clitheroe solstice landscape horizon orange red sun set setting yellow town bright uk beautiful

A gorgeous summer sunset over Clitheroe. Shot from the castle wall. I’m always surprised how many locals are up here in the evening. I can’t believe they used to lock the castle grounds at sunset, this is what we were missing.